Choosing the right security services provider is a decision that will significantly affect the safety and security of your organization. The primary factors to consider when choosing a security officer services provider include the following: Leadership, Security Expertise, Staffing Resources, Communication, Quality and value.
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Guarding Services

Shiv Security Services is a well-established company with highly experienced specialists in manned guarding services. We provide manned guarding services for a whole cross section of clients from multinational corporations to hotels, corporate houses, residences, embassies, educational institutions,industrial establishments, multinational companies, ATMs etc.

We provide manned guarding services for a whole cross section of clients from multinational corporations which require a whole team of security professionals through to smaller family run businesses which only need one person.

Facility Management Services

Shiv Security Services (Total security Solution provider)An ISO 9001:2015 certified company also ventured in Facility Management Services where our aim is to provide customized facility management services to our customers so that they focus on their core business activities and outsource the routine activities such as House Keeping, Front Office Management, Tele-calling, Air-Conditioning, Electrical Administrative and back-office support services to us for better handling.

Soft Services

  • Corporate Housekeeping Services.
  • Pantry Services
  • Supervisor Services
  • Building Maintenance Services.
  • Pest Control Services.
  • Vendor Management Services.

DSS trained its workforce in such a manner that they are flexible enough to adjust with the demands of customer business thus allowing customers to be prepared for any situation like arrangement of special events, complex office moves, expansions, etc. – without the overhead of keeping dedicated staff for the same.

Investigation Services

In gaming surveillance, our investigation agents act as security agents for casino managers and patrons. Using primarily audio and video equipment in an observation room, they observe casino operations for irregular activities, such as cheating or theft, by either employees or patrons. They keep recordings that are sometimes used as evidence against alleged criminals in police investigations. Some casinos use a catwalk over one-way mirrors located above the casino floor to augment electronic surveillance equipment.

Our officersalso often work as undercover store detectives to prevent theft by customers or employees, and they help apprehend shoplifting suspects prior to the arrival of the police. Some shopping centers and theaters have officers who patrol their parking lots to deter car thefts and robberies. In office buildings, banks, and hospitals, guards maintain order and protect the institutions’ property, staff, and customers. At air, sea, and rail terminals and other transportation facilities, guards protect people, freight, property, and equipment.

Fire Safety Services

We are offering fire safety services for the customers. Our experts comprehend the requirements of the clients and offer these services accordingly.


These services are ideal for those, who care for their own safety and of course their families. Fire can be truly hazardous to life and property and therefore, our services are suitable in such a scenario. As a matter of fact, these days, even the law requires a proper arrangement for dealing with fire.

Security Systems

We have gained expertise in delivering a quality range of electronic security solutions. As per the famous saying which states that “the effectiveness of a trained soldier depends on the quality & dependability of the weapons he carries’, we serve the clients with highly advanced security solutions.

Our organization offers a wide range of CCTV surveillance systems, access control system, intrusion detection system, fire detection system and building management systems, among others.